4 Reasons that Disqualify Him

4 Reasons that Disqualify Him
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Having doubts about this man who desires to court you? How do you know when the door should not be opened? There are all kinds of deal breakers out there, but if you spot one or more of these four red flags, it’s time for him to keep on moving.

1. He does not attend Church. If he makes his boast in being a Christian and seldom visits the house of the Lord, which King David delighted in, this is red flag number one. Your regular attendance will be challenged and if you tithe or give money this will be highly discouraged. These changes are not acceptable for introducing a potential future life partner.

2. He moves too quickly. If he plans on staying awhile there is no need to rush the relationship to a sexual nature. A man who has envisioned spending a lifetime with you is not in a rush. He has realizes there is plenty of time for that and is content with enjoying the budding of the relationship.

3. He lives with his parents. If he lives with his parents due to financial calamity or has never left due to finances, this is a red flag. He is not looking for a partner. He is looking for a sugar mom. He is struggling with vision. At this time he is just not ready. Scooping in and taking care of him is not the order God himself has set for the family. This is not assuming that calamity cannot happen while being married. This is why the Bible says two are better than one, because you have another to keep things going, but this should not be the start. This start reveals his natural work ethic is not conducive for a potential future life partner.

4. Disliked by family and/or friends. This one can be tricky. If all your friends are racist and you’re getting into an interracial relationship this will be useless. You cannot use friends and family here. The issue brought up by family and friends should be the same. As an example, if they all get the abusive man vibe. Run immediately. Sometimes your proximity and internal weakness may cause you to be blind here. Trust them.

These are four reasons that could be changed to five, six, seven, or eight. If these are out of alignment then keep love in the heart guarded and actively wait for another opportunity that presents itself.

photo by Richard Masoner