Eat Your Purples Maqui Berry as Featured On Fox News Orlando

Eat Your Purples Maqui Berry as Featured On Fox News Orlando
maqui berry eat your purples
maqui berry eat your purples

Eating your purples (or The Purple Diet) seems to be the latest trend for those who are looking to boost their health. As featured in the Fox News Orlando about Maqui Berry, it was mentioned that people are getting more serious about getting more antioxidants into their body.

Maqui Berry originated from Chile (South America) is the subject that Dr. Ward Bond was talking about. And the superfruit is dubbed the Tiger Wood of the berry world because it is so powerful and always a winner. In this berry world, Maqui berry is the winner and it has 3 to 4 times more powerful than Acai berry which was once the best berry for a number of years.

Maqui Superberry Benefits

Dr Ward spoke about the benefits of Maqui berry and he was absolutely delighted to talk about the goodness of this superberry. He mentioned that this berry gives us the great cardiovascular health, improves immune system function, improves joint mobility, reduces logic reaction and great for anti-aging.

maqui berry antioxidant rating
maqui antioxidant rating

He said,

Maqui berry is the most powerful antioxidant berry ever discovered. It is 4 to 8 times stronger than Acai berry and the berry tastes great.

It is refreshing, not overly sweet, but if you drink it, you actually want another glass because it is something so special and the flavor and it is the best tasting berry around.

Maqui Berry Research

Maqui berry was discovered by Dr. W. Hanke from the University of Chile who has been doing a lot of medical research just on the Maqui berry itself. And so far, the research yields extraordinary findings.

Maqui berry improve cardiovascular health, reduces allergic reaction and inflammation, improving our immune system and slowing down the aging process so that we can look good when we get older.


We heard about the goodness and benefits of maqui berry from Dr. Ward Bond and there is no doubt about it. Drinking Maqui Berry Drink or Juice is great but there are limitations of fresh juice as it has short shelf life and the nutrition will gradually lost if not consumed within short period.

The solution to this problem is Maqui berry diet pills. This fruit diet pills preserve all the natural goodness and benefits of maqui superberry and it can be stored easily and for a longer period. The nutrition you get will be as good as the fresh fruit.

Ultimate Maqui Berry

ultimate maqui berry
maqui berry for purple diet

Ultimate maqui berry is the superfruit diet pills that are made from freezed dried maqui berry. It costs less than $50 for a month supply which is an amazing value considering maqui berry is the strongest antioxidant berry in the world right now.

You will be able to discover a difference when you take this supplement as you found an increased energy level and you feel refreshed and rejuvenated while the superfruit carry out the cleasing process in your body and this will boost your weight loss effort tremendously.

You can watch the Dr Ward Bond on Fox News below:

Images source and information source taken from Foxnews

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