Essential Job Tips – The Interview

Essential Job Tips – The Interview

When it comes down to business, employers want to hire reliable people committed to their jobs.

Finding a new job or changing jobs is difficult but there are some simple things you need to know which can make the whole experience a lot easier and smoother. When you find the job which suits you and you have been successful in your application you still need to face the most daunting [...]

Learn to read these top signs so you can spot a job scam miles away and stay atop the situation any day and also be in a position to warn friends and family about these scams!
The most common places for employment scams today are in the local papers, (now you know why some of them [...]

If you’ve won an interview for a job, that’s cause for celebration in itself. It shows that your prospective employer considers you to be a viable candidate for the position you want. Now it’s time for you to brush up your interview skills and get ready to show your ‘best self’ to help [...]

The labor market is challenging as it is, but if you are a person with a disability, you are often faced with additional obstacles in order to find meaningful employment.

Have you ever stopped and looked at your local paper? Is it a dwindling business in your town or does your paper still thrive even after the take off of the Intenet. How does your business/employment sections do? Does it seem that businesses still advertise their open positions or do they use the Internet [...]

Ever been told to just relax, this is an informal interview? At Sequence Staffing we have learned that there is no such thing. If you consider every type of interview as a formal, serious affair then you will always be at your best, will give your best performance and will most likely [...]

If you are looking for a new job you may find yourself attending a number of interviews that have been scheduled. You may be quite nervous if you were out of work for quite a while and also if you were in a long term job. If you are worried, you can now [...]

Going through an interview session with the younger generation can certainly present an entirely different set of problems for baby boomers. However, there’s no need for older job seekers to get disheartened so easily. In addition to older employees having more job experience, there is also the Federal Age Discrimination in Employment [...]