How do the children do not eat vegetables

How do the children do not eat vegetables

Vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals, essential human types of food. However, we often see some children do not eat vegetables, or do not eat certain types of vegetables. Some children do not eat vegetables, do not like the taste of a particular vegetable; plenty of fresh vegetables contain more crude fiber, the child’s chewing ability, is not easy to chew, hard to swallow, there is the habit as children are picky eaters.

In small children to eat vegetables to the children earlier to avoid the future loss of appetite vegetables.

From infancy, children should be timely to add some vegetables, food aid, can feed their children just beginning to use some of the juice out of vegetables cooked in water with vegetables such as tomato juice, cucumber juice, carrot juice, green leafy vegetables and water, and some vegetables can feed their children mud. To the kids are 1 year old can give them to eat broken dishes, a variety of vegetables can be chopped and put into porridge, noodles to feed the children to eat.

Dumplings, steamed buns and other filling foods are mostly vegetables, meat, eggs do filling, filling them with child-friendly chew and swallow food and digestion and absorption, and the delicious and nutritious but also more comprehensive. For those who do not eat vegetables, children may often eat them with a filling food.

Some kids do not like to eat stir-fry, stews and other cooked vegetables, and like to eat some raw vegetables such as tomatoes, radishes, cucumber, etc. Some of them can be eaten raw, and some can be made into salad to eat. If the child does not like to eat ready meal, let him eat some raw ready meal properly.

Some are spicy, bitter vegetables, do not insist their children eat. Some taste a little strange vegetables such as fennel, carrots, leeks, etc., have children do not eat, you can try to change some tricks, such as when to do with adding some filling food, so children get used to.

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