Irritable bowel syndrome sufferers experience a

Irritable bowel syndrome sufferers experience a

Irritable bowel syndrome sufferers experience a serious nuisance in their life. You see, this is about how "others'' might perceive IBS, nuisance. Ask someone with IBS and you won''t hear the word nuisance used!

It is a nightmare, in reality. The bloating, constipation, fecal odor and gas can be debilitating. Not only the physical discomfort but the social implications.

Someone without IBS can''t fully appreciate how frustrating and embarrassing it can be. If you have IBS and emit a fecal odor it''s tough to go to a movie or any social gathering.

Below is a link to a great support group around IBS. Here''s what I take, not that I experienced the full brunt of IBS but I did have colon issues that were heading in that direction. Nutracleanse.

I coupled that with the use of Acidopholus Bifidus 10 Billion. It really impoves interstinal flora with ultra-healthy bacteria. Similar to what yogurt does but far, far superior.

Support and Alternatives

There is an excellent support group I found online that has become a lifeline for many sufferers of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It''s here: IBS Group

You''ll find it to be an excellent resource for understanding IBS and for sharing thoughts, experiences and gaining insight into dealing with it. As well as appreciating the effects of living with someone who has IBS.

Rather than write a huge information article on irritable bowel syndrome I felt pointing you to some great resources and products might be more effective. Check out the IBS Group and Nutracleanse links above.