Weight Loss Gum

Weight Loss Gum

If you like chewing gum and want to lose weight, try some weight loss chewing gum. There are a few good brands of weight loss gum. Below are some that are cheap on eBay so you can try them if you would like. Also featured below is a weight loss gum product made by Herbalife called Chew Slim. It''s a chewing gum dietary supplement and has been discontinued for quite some time. Herbalife Chew Slim is a dietary supplement with natural herbs that is formulated as a refreshing tasting chewing gum. It gives you chewing satisfaction while on a reduced calorie diet. Chew 2 pieces of gum any time you feel hungry or 30 minutes before a meal. It''s not recommended for children. Adults should not have more than 6 pieces a day.

Other weight loss gum and weight management gum are shown below.

More about the Herbalife weight loss gum:

It’s a powerful blend of special hunger-taming herbs that work together to help you stay on top of your diet. Among other ingredients, Chew Slim Gum features Siberian ginseng, which is an adaptogen. This means it helps you adjust to stressful situations more effectively and thus produces a “normalizing” effect on your system.
Chew Slim Gum also features kola nut powder extract. Kola nut possesses mildly stimulating properties similar to that of caffeine. It is used widely as a general tonic.

Another ingredient in Chew Slim Gum is stevia powder extract. Actually sweeter than sugar, stevia is almost calorie-free and helps maintain your body’s blood-sugar balance while providing a slight energy boost. As a result, stevia is excellent for use in a weight-control product.

If you’re trying to lose weight, you know all too well that those between-meal hours are the hardest ones in the day. Chew Slim Gum will help make those periods easier to navigate. Besides, it’s a great-tasting, mint-flavored chewing gum–one that doesn’t burden you with unwanted calories. Put some enjoyment into your weight-loss program with Chew Slim Gum.