Women and Alzheimer's

Women and Alzheimer's

Men and women both are known to suffer with disorders almost equally. There are indeed several illnesses that affect them both almost in the same way. However, since there are factors that are particularly associated with each sex, some illnesses may have an impact that indicates otherwise. Alzheimer''s disease is an example of such an illness.

Alzheimer''s disease impacts both sexes almost equally, but as the effects become obvious, it seem as though women are more highly affected. In a sense, this is true, as one’s age factor plays an integral role in the occurrence of Alzheimer''s disease.

Why are Women More Affected By Alzheimer’s
After studies on dementia have been conducted, it has been discovered that women have slightly higher chances of developing Alzheimer''s disease. One reason given for this is that women live longer than men, thus being an age related disease; it is found more in women than men.

One factor for developing Alzheimer''s disease is long life.
The longer you live, the higher your chances are of getting this disease.
Thus, women have longer life than men. It is said that half the female population beyond the age of 85 will develop Alzheimer''s disease.

Since there are many more women than there are men being affected by Alzheimer''s disease, it must be asserted that in the future there will be many more women affected by the disease. It is said that the numbers will increase and since women are the primary care-givers at home, the problem will double.

It is believed that Alzheimer''s disease is more prevalent among ethnic minorities. Further, studies have revealed that African Americans, between the ages of 55 and 64, are thrice as much likely as Caucasians are to develop Alzheimer''s disease.

About Alzheimer’s Treatment
The number of people developing Alzheimer''s disease is on the rise and death of Reagan, the US president, also occurred because of it. Even then, it is surprising to know that the complete knowledge of the disease is not available. According to a survey, there were fewer than half people who were aware of treatments for Alzheimer''s disease.

Also, being an under diagnosed disease, it is surprising to learn that only 19% felt well prepared to undergo analysis of Alzheimer''s disease.

For experts, these figures are not surprising. In fact, they explain the way that Alzheimer''s disease is under diagnosed and under treated as well. Women’s health in particular is of concern here. They are the ones that need to be studied, keeping in mind the projected number of Alzheimer''s cases.

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