buy, mens, multivitamen, multi, health, vitality

buy, mens, multivitamen, multi, health, vitality

High Potency Multivitamin & Mineral complex formulated for Male

Smoke & alcohol all increase the body’s requirements for Vitamins

& Minerals. Coupled with an inadequate diet, a modern lifestyle

can lead to deficiencies of necessary nutrients. This formulation contains

a broad spectrum B complex, necessary for supporting adrenal gland function,

and countering the effects of stress.

Mens Multi with Anti-Oxidants - 60 Tablets

Prices include postage and packing worldwide.

MEN’S MULTI provides generous amounts of all the important antioxidants

– Beta Carotene, Vitamin C & E, Selenium & Zinc. As men

may need more support for heart health, it makes sense for males to

protect this vital organ by providing nutrients necessary to a healthy

cardiovascular system. Two such nutrients are Vitamin E & Selenium,

both present in this formula. With a formidable array of Vitamins, Minerals

& Special Nutrients, Thompson’s MEN’S MULTI is a powerful

health promotion supplement in a convenient one-a-day tablet.

milk, nuts, yeast, glutens, artificial coloring, flavoring or preservatives.

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