Home Page: F.A.Q.

#1 Question: What if I am having problems with the security image text on the Join page?
We understand that sometimes these images can be a little difficult.
Below are a few things that may be helpful.

Numbers are not ever used, only letters. If you see a number 9 with a line through it, this is actually the letter q in lower case.
Make sure you type the letters exactly as they appear as they are case sensitive.
Do not use spaces between the letters.
There are always just 5 letters, no more, no less.

If you still have a problem signing up, please use the CONTACT US link at the bottom of this page.
#2 Question: When do I get paid?
You are paid 30 days from the date you reach the minimum payout threshold amount. We mail checks out once a month and pay via PayPal by-weekly (every 2 weeks). If you have not earned enough yet, it carries over to the next time and continues until you have reached the minimum threshold amount.
#3 Question: What is the minimum payment threshold amount?
Answer: Currently the minimum threshold payment amount is $25 and is payable via check by mail or via PayPal, your choice.
#4 Question: How long is your Cookie duration?
We have a 30 day cookie duration, so if a visitor from your website or newsletter clicks on your referral banner or link, but doesn\\\''t sign up, the tracking cookie stays in our system for that visitor for 30 days and if he/she comes back anytime during the next 30 days and signs up to our newsletter, or purchases advertising, you will still get credit for it.
#5 Question: How do I refer someone to your affiliate program?
We give you your very own special link. After logging into your affiliate account, click on the (Banner Linking Code) tab at the top, There you will see on the upper left (Affiliate Referral Link), click on that link and get your special coded link to refer others to our affiliate program. Remember, you earn 10% of what they earn and thats 2 levels deep! If you are having problems locating the correct page, here is the direct link, but remember, you must be logged in to get your special linking code:
#6 Question: I am interested in Advertising with you, How do I go about doing this?
We offer advertising as low as just $2 and offer many options, We have provided the link to our ADVERTISING page at the bottom of this page, you can check out all the options we offer, make you choice and make your purchase(s) there.
#7 Question: Can I use my own Affiliate Links to sign up to your newsletter or purchase advertising?
Great Question! As a matter of fact, Yes you can! We do not frown on this at all, however, there is ONE stipulation. You are only allowed to sign up to our newsletter ONCE, do Not use fake emails or sign up using different alias email accounts, this is considered FRAUD, which is a Federal offense and punishable by Federal law. Your account with us will be terminated and you will loose any and all funds you have earned if you commit any type of fraudulent action.
You can use your Affiliate link to purchase advertising each time you make a purchase, there is no limit on that.
#8 Question: What if I need help putting my affiliate code on my website or I have a technical issue?
If you ever need any kind of assistance, we are just an email away! After logging in, Just use the Support link at the top of the page to submit a ticket and we will be more than happy to help you, just make sure you are specific about your problem to insure that the right person handles it and is able to resolve it as quickly as possible. We respond to all tickets within 24 hours, usually in just a few hours.
#9 Question: Can I use my own wording instead of what you have here when advertising your program?
No sorry, but we prefer that you use the text we have available for you to use, however, you can contact us to request certain wording or text and if it is appropriate, we will approve it. After logging in, Just use the Feedback link at the bottom of the page, or you can also use the Support link at the top of the page.
#10 Question: Can I use incentives to promote your program?
Absolutely Not! We do not allow incentives in ANY form! If you are found using incentives to promote our affiliate program in any way, shape or form, your account will be terminated and you will loose any and all funds you have earned.
We give plenty of ways for Affiliates to earn commissions and one of those ways is promoting our Free Give-A-Way contest drawing. All your referrals need to do to enter is sign-up to our newsletter - This should be incentive enough.
#11 Question: What if I want to close my affiliate account but I have not reached the minimum threshold amount?
Unfortunately this script is setup for ONE payment threshold on a Global level, therefore, we have no way within the system to change or alter that on an individual basis. If you want to close your account and you want to get paid, you must wait until you have reached the payout amount and request payment, this is the only way we can pay affiliates through this system.
#12 Question: Why have you not responded to my support ticket?
There may occasionally be times that it takes longer than 24 hours for a response for various reasons, such as; Holidays when staff is not available; a technical issue that is still being fixed within the system or within our server; the ticket that you sent in, for whatever reason, did not reach us; the ticket you sent in did not have enough detail of the problem and it is taking us longer to resolve it; etc... These are rare instances and generally do not happen, however, if it has been longer than 24 hours and it is not a global issue (such as the server) or it is not around a holiday, please send us another support ticket.
#13 Question: What if I have a question that is not listed here?
After logging in, Please use the Feedback link at the bottom of the page or the Support link at the top of the page and we will be happy to answer your question as quickly as possible.
#14 Question: What if I have a question that is not listed here and I have not joined yet?
You will need to use our CONTACT US page on our site, for your convenience, we have added the link at the bottom of this page