Breast Cancer Treatment Orange County

Breast Cancer Treatment Orange County

Orange County Breast Augmentation

Orange County breast augmentation has become one of the most commonly performed through plastic surgical procedures worldwide. Many women turn to plastic surgeons to increase their breast size or restore breast volume can be have lost after pregnancy or weight loss. Today breast enlargement procedures were performed with silicone or saline implants.

First breast augmentation was performed using paraffin injection in 1890. This procedure resulted in infection and the formation of lumps and lost their popularity. The transfer of fat from the abdomen or buttocks to breasts was attempted in 1920. Not all survived transplanted fat. As a bit of fat left, breast asymmetry and as a result lumps. Although this procedure did not receive wide acceptance at that time, recently, some surgeons were able to produce more predictable results with fat transplantation. However, concerns remain whether detection of cancer can be darkened with the transplanted fat.

In 1960 he introduced Silicone breast augmentation. Initially this took the form of silicone injections. Chronic inflammatory injections result lumps called granulomas. Today silicone injections are approved by the FDA for breast cancer increase. Some doctors or physicians, yet the injection of silicone for breast augmentation, usually outside the U.S..

These synthetic sponges producing a chest hard drive. In addition, sponge infections and possible relationship to cancer caused by this procedure to be abandoned. Another successful material for breast augmentation is soybean oil. The soybean oil implants produced toxic byproducts, stale and therefore were not approved.

In the 1960''s silicone breast implants gained tremendous popularity as breast growth resulting in augmented breasts feel soft. Because of concern that silicone implants can cause cancer, the FDA banned silicone implants for cosmetic breast augmentation but allows its use for reconstruction through clinical trials. Recently, silicone implants were approved by the FDA for cosmetic breast enhancement as studies have confirmed its safety.

Today saline and silicone breast implants gel approved by the FDA for breast augmentation. Recent studies in the U.S. show that the new silicone breast implants have a complication rate similar to saline-filled breast implants. The new generation of silicone implants are less likely to escape and form of capsular contracture the first generation. Gummy breast implants are currently under investigation and is likely to be approved by the FDA in the near future.

Is breast augmentation surgery worth it? It is a decision only the patient can do. If the risks and cost of surgery outweigh the benefits potential, the answer is no. For many patients, however, increased self-confidence and psychological benefits of having a shapely figure and attractive outweigh the potential negative. In any case, the decision to seek breast augmentation surgery is not being taken lightly.

The first step mama know if the increase is appropriate for the prospective patient should consult a certified plastic surgeon in your area. Sitting with a doctor and exploration risk and potential benefits of breast surgery argument, a woman can get the information you need to make an informed decision about your best course of treatment own.

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