Evolv Health Overview Presentation

Evolv Health Overview Presentation

It has been nonstop since last Friday at the Evolv Summit in Dallas. In fact, Team Inspirit started training at 6 am yesterday and we went until 1 pm. I have never been around such committed leadership in my life, from corporate to Garrett and Sylvia McGrath. We are truly blessed.

There is no way that I can effectively communicate what we experienced this past weekend at the Evolv Summit event. There are so many promotions, contests, new web site and new tools like the iPhone app coming out that I would have to include pages of notes. The company will be communicating regularly on these fronts over the coming days and weeks. It is pretty remarkable when you understand the company is only about 5 months old, even though the research and science behind our product is about 15 years old.

Evolv Founder Trey White, Jack Weinzierl, Evolv CEO Brent Hicks

Speaking of research, I did not realize we had a site that covered that component is such depth. You can bookmark and go through http://ArchaeaActive.com. We heard from several doctors and medical professionals throughout the weekend and the GM from Futureceuticals. Futureceuticals is engaged in a large study and will be publishing research later this year.

For those who don’t know, Trey White has created 3 other billion dollar companies. He is on a mission to create another $1 billion company with Evolv in the next 3 years. Canada is already open as we know and Mexico comes on line in a matter of months. The goal is to be in 20 countries over the next 5 years as well.They are also putting a system in place to feed 1 million children over the next 5 years and do so in a sustainable manner, both locally and globally. And WE are all part of this effort.

Again, there is no way to communicate the experience from this weekend, but please check out the pictures from the Evolv Summit in Dallas at http://facebook.com/jackweinzierl click on photos near the top, and you will see a couple different folders there from the event.

I am so honored to be building with each of you. We are at the beginning of writing history together, as we build this global brand called Evolv. Please, please, please do not take this company, our product or this timing for granted. But just being here at the beginning will not build your business. We must all take action and do so with consistency over the coming days, weeks, month and year. Focus your effort over the next 120 days to build your foundation for YOUR future.