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  Welcome to Home Fitness Equipment Experts website and blog. The owners of this site both have been passionately involved in the fitness industry in various capacities for over 20 years. Both have degrees in Exercise Science, are certified personal trainers, and have worked in the retail fitness equipment market for over a decade. During this time we have helped many people come closer to reaching their fitness goals, however we realized that overall very few people do reach their fitness goals whether they actively go to a gym or workout from their home. There are many reasons for this of course but often it’s inaction, lack of consistency, misinformation, and not setting solid goals. Our goal is to bring all of our experience and knowledge to the web to reach out and change peoples live forever….

We strive to cut through the hype, infomercials, diet pills, books, potions, lotions, gimmicks and crap that is everywhere promising you guaranteed results! As complex as the human body is, the basic fundamentals (that everyone is too advanced for), consistency, a solid plan, good habits, lifestyle, a moderate diet, and proper recovery are all you really need to achieve extraordinary results. This site is dedicated to giving you no BS advice in achieving your fitness goals whether you are a beginner or advanced trainee or if you train in the comfort of your home or still go to a commercial gym.

  The Home Fitness Enthusiasts Online Resource…

No Time for the gym anymore?

Are you thinking of quitting the gym and getting equipment in the comfort of your home?

Is your garage or basement full of unused and useless infomercial fitness products?

Well, it’s time to take ACTION!!!

Your Online resource for Home Fitness Workouts:

We Provide the Tools…You Provide the Desire!!!!

Shopping for High quality Home Fitness Equipment:

Reviews of various home fitness products (Treadmills, Ellipticals, Bikes, Gyms, Infomercial products,accessories, etc…) on the market and the best choices based on your budget, How to articles on exercise room layout design, How to get the best deal on purchasing fitness equipment, What type of equipment to buy for your goals! etc…

Practical Nutritional and Supplement advice for busy people. Articles, Nutrition/Supplement coaching and products to help you reach and achieve your fitness goals as quickly as possible.

Numerous workout ideas, custom program design services, Online training and advice to meet your personal fitness goals based on your home gym’s equipment! Whether your looking for Fat Loss routines, Muscle gains, business travelers, strength and conditioning, 10 minute workouts, kettlebells or dumbells. We have your solution!!!

 ***Links and discounts to high quality Home fitness products***

 We review current trends in fitness industry, new products, ideas and anything else we feel is newsworthy and interesting.

 Coming soon… We are going to motivate you over 30 days with tips and tricks to form positive fitness and lifestyle habits to get you on the path to true health and fitness….Forever!!!!

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