Overrated Muscle Building Strategies

Overrated Muscle Building Strategies
Most of the muscle building strategies that men have been using, have been around for decades or more. There are only two ways of looking at it then – either they’re ancient knowledge that shouldn’t be questioned OR they’re simply overrated!
Standard crunches -

Getting into shape and having pronounced abs is about body fat and its burning. Try swiss ball crunches, instead of the standard crunches.

Calf Raises -

Instead of using a calf-raise machine, you could indulge in some squats. Squats are recommended with your heels raised for greater impact. Do around 8 to 12 sets of squats.

Jogging -

If you’re always jogging or indulging in cardiovascular workouts, it would mean that you’re compromising on the potential of your body for muscle development. The slow-twitch muscle fibers get worked upon in the case of jogging; and this could have a devastating effect on your upper body muscles, which do not get to use the potential of their fast-twitch muscles.

Protein -

Nothing in excess is good for your body; even if that is just protein. The body has its own mechanisms of dealing with the extras. In this case, if proteins are in excess, the body might store the rest of it as fat. It is recommended that your daily intake of protein should not exceed more than 0.5 to 1 gram of protein for each pound of your body weight.



Pulling exercise

Curls -

Over indulgence in curls can be a waste of your precious gym time. What’s the use, we ask, in isolating a muscle group that is the size of an orange! Instead, you could try out some pulling exercises, like the lat pull-down for instance. It helps work on your biceps, while also working on other muscles simultaneously.

Bench Presses -

Bench presses are not as effective as other exercises such as push ups. The push up helps build your core musculature; along with providing for upper body strength. Limit your bench presses to three or five sets in a week, and then incorporate ten to twelve sets of push-ups.

Leg Extensions -

In the case of a leg extension, all you’re working on is your quads. Opt for the body-weight lunges instead. These not only work on your quadriceps, but they also help your butt, and force you to stabilize other parts like your lower back, hips and your abs. It is significantly more effective.

Workout Streaks -

You have got to get this straight – Muscles grow during rest. Devote only two days a week to strength training of an individual muscle group; and then let it rest and grow. You’ll see the effects almost instantly.