7 Simple Ways To Get More Twitter Followers

7 Simple Ways To Get More Twitter Followers
Twitter Follower Mosaic
Twitter Follower Mosaic by joelaz, on Flickr

Tweet More Often

The more regularly you tweet, the more opportunities there are for prospective followers to discover your content. While this can be a more time consuming way to get more followers, keeping a consistent output will assist.

Tweet More Specifically For Your Market

Whether someone chooses to follow you on Twitter is often a question of value. How valuable is your stream of tweets to them?

Providing unique actionable content (your own or curated content) that addresses the pains and concerns of your target market will garner you not only more followers, but followers who are more likely to be ideal customers.

Add A Link To Your Email Signature

We all send email everyday, and at the bottom of our email is often the most under utilised piece of media that we create. Add a link or twitter icon in your email signature and watch your follower count grow.

Get Noticed By The Heavy Hitters

Identify the leaders in your niche or market using simple search tools like http://search.twitter.com.

Type in keywords from your niche and find the people that are tweeting regularly on the subject and particularly those that are being retweeted often.

For example if your niche was Hair Dressing you might search for terms like Dandruff Treatment, Natural Hair Treatments, Hair Styling Tools. Once you have identified the heavy hitters in your niche, follow them, create a list and add them to it, retweet their best tweets ask questions and start a conversation.

Bonus Tip: Use the Google Wonder Wheel Tool to find important keywords in your niche.

Get Listed

There are a range of Twitter Directories online, get listed in them is just another way to be discovered. Three good ones to start with are Twellow, Wefollow and Twibs.

Bonus Tip: Carefully choose the keywords and categories attached to your profile. Look for any heavy hitters or leaders in your niche and see what categories and keywords they use.

Tweet Less Specifically For Your Market

It’s possible to be too focussed on business content. Mix things up with an inspirational quote, a ironic statement, one liner joke (only appropriate jokes) to show a little more personality. People want to connect with other people so more personality means more followers.

Participate In Bigger Conversations

Most industries or niches have hashtags or topics that a high volume of people are discussing on Twitter. Or at the very least there are active discussions in topics related to your niche or industry. For example in many western countries the #masterchef, #americanidol and #bigbrother are used to discuss popular TV shows.

Find these conversations and participate.

If there is not a good hashtag for your niche why not start one. Become the founder of the feast and host the most valuable conversations in your niche.

Bonus Tip: Use a tool like Twubs to aggregate and promote the key hastags in you niche. If no one has registered hashtags for you niche yet, be a real market leader and claim them.

Remember you don’t need to be the smartest or most experienced person in your niche to host the most important conversation.

What are your tips to get more Twitter Followers, we’d love to hear what works for you in the comments below?