Benefits for Community-Business Opportunities for Financial Institutions

Benefits for Community-Business Opportunities for Financial Institutions


The presentation of bio-rights at the UNEP Global Roundtable was a success. A report of the event will be made available here soon.
We do have the final recommendations made during the session at which bio-rights was presented:

Sustaining Biodiversity:
Benefits for Community-Business Opportunities for Financial Institutions
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The following persons were involved with the presentation of Bio-rights.
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  • Mr. Yafong Berthé, Secretary General, Ministry of the Environment, Mali

  • Mr. Edwin Cyrus, Director, Conservation Area Amistad Caribe, Ministry of Environment and Energy, Costa Rica

  • Dr. Herbert Diemont, Co-ordinator International Initiatives, Alterra Research Institute, Wageningen University

  • Dr. Pantjar Simatupang, Director Center for Agricultural Socio-Economic Research and Development, Ministry of Agriculturem, Indonesia
    Statement by Drs. Asmawi Agani, Governor of Central Kalimantan

  • Mr. Bart Jan Krouwel, Managing Director Sustainable Development and Social Innovation, Rabobank

  • Ms. N. Cinnamon Dornsife, Senior Advisor, Financial Markets, Forest Trends

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So far the following activities have taken place:

  • goes online, October 2003

  • Identification mission to Indonesia, August 2003

  • Identification mission to Costa Rica, April 2003

  • Identification mission to Mali, February 2003

  • Ramsar Convention, November 2002
    -Bio-rights presented at the convention.

  • Forum of Central Kalimantan, September 2002
    -forum hosted by the British Ambassador in Jakarta for stakeholders in Central Klimantan, including the governor.

  • Jakarta, January 2002
    -CIMTROP project document to assess participation of local people (with crash funding from Alterra).

  • Palanka R., November 2001
    -STRAPEAT team visit the governor of Kalteng.
    -Kalteng province declares its participation.