Best Breakfast Ideas for Toddlers

Best Breakfast Ideas for Toddlers

To get a good start of the day, healthy breakfast is really important. From waffles to smoothies, to French toasts, eggs and pancakes- following breakfast ideas for toddlers will help you to eat simple but nutritious food.

Milk and cereal

Always make two to three healthy cereal choices. Allow your child to choose the bowl of his/her choice so that you can easily know their taste. You can even go for something different- like you can mix honey, raisins, bananas, dried or fresh berries to add more flavors in the cereal. You can add chocolate milk or yogurt in the cereal to make it healthier.


The best thing here is again to offer area for choices. You can present peach, blueberry or strawberry oatmeal packs and tell the children to pick up one which they want to eat. You can easily find breakfast ideas for toddlers in which, oatmeal is topped with apple sauce, honey, maple syrup, yogurt, berries or fruits. Make the bowl more appealing with colorful sprinkles and start the treat!


Most of the toddler like to eat eggs due to which, there are a number of choices. You can transform an egg into a sunny side up, omelet or scrambled one. You can add sausages or bacons with eggs to add more nutrition. Eggs also taste well with cold cuts and cheese. They are easy to prepare, delicious and always keep toddlers happy and full for hours.

One of the favorite breakfast items, Pancakes!

Pancakes are one of the most yummy breakfast ideas for toddlers. They are versatile and easy to cook. If you are in a hurry, simply defrost frozen pancakes in your toaster, top them with voila and maple syrup. You can also take help of your children in mixing the batter and cutting of filling. Cranberries, chocolate chips, peaches, chopped apples, sprinkles, raisins and even marshmallows- all are great! Top pancakes with maple syrup or jam and enjoy!

Drinkable yogurt and Waffles

Another important item in breakfast ideas for toddlers is waffles. You can give lots of nutrition to your children with toasted waffles and drinkable yogurt. They are really easy to make and can be made within a few minutes. Your children will be happy if you offer them to select from flavors of waffles or yogurt.

French toast

French toasts are one of the favorite parts of breakfast ideas for toddlers. They require a few minutes to get prepared and taste delicious. They can put a smile on one’s face if mixed with brown sugar, eggs, milk and cinnamon. You can even experiment them with challah bread, raisin bread, French bread to have a unique taste.

Bagels with everything

This is a nutritious, fast and easy breakfast offering a number of ways to personalize with. Normally, toddlers enjoy mini bagels having flavored cream cheese. You can also try tuna salad, salmon, peanut butter, turkey, hummus, jelly or egg salad as its topping. For small kids, it is better to cut bagels into small pieces so that they can easily chew and digest them.