Causes – Threat Factors And Diagnosis Of Kidney Illness

Causes – Threat Factors And Diagnosis Of Kidney Illness

Bacteria can infect your kidneys by way of your arteries, or, by entering your urinary tract thru the urethra and beginning to multiply. Contagions that come thru your arteries sometimes have their origin at another infected area of your body.

Although the urinary system has properties that inhibit the expansion of bacteria, there are contributing elements that favour the bacteria to enter in the urinary tract, multiply and develop an infection. Not always having bacteria in the piss means you’ve an infection.

There are cases of people, especially older adults that have bacteria in the bladder that do not cause any symptoms or harm, and there is no need for a treatment, fact called asymptomatic bacteriuria.

Because women have a way shorter urethra than men, they develop a bigger possibility of infection. That could be a consequence of the fact that bacteria desires to go a shorter distance from the outside of the body till it reaches the bladder. Once the infection has started in the bladder, it is easy to spread to the kidneys. The risk of kidney infection grows while pregnant and after menopause because of the hormonally-based changes, and also on sexually-active ladies and on those that use diaphragms and spermacides.

Structural aberrations in the urinary system, kidney stone, an enlarge prostate gland in man, can impede the ability of completely emptying the bladder, increasing the chance of developing kidney infection. Other considerations that will favorize the apparition of kidney infection are medications that lower your immunity, lengthened use of tubes used to empty piss from the bladder, diseases like cancer, HIV, diabetes or a condition that permits piss flow from your bladder back up into your urethras and kidneys, called vesicoureteral reflux. It is known that people who have this vesicoureteral reflux are susceptible of developing frequent kidney infection during childhood.

It is very important that you contact the doctor at the first indications of kidney infection. A urine sample will be asked from you if the doctor suspects you have kidney infection. That sample is needed because the doctor will need to resolve whether blood, pus or bacteria is in your urine.

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