Revving Up That Stamina

Revving Up That Stamina
I generally try to end my day with a walk down the park. On the weekends, I tend to go a little earlier, because I love the idea of having people around, and not having to walk around all by myself. As I watch those kids play, I am hit by a sense of nostalgia. I remember the days when the neighbor boys and me would run around for hours together, coming up with games of our own. Boy, did we know how to keep ourselves occupied!

How to increase metabolism

Well, I doubt half of us would mind stepping into those running shoes and doing that all over again. Alas, there are but more than one monsters standing in the way. Here are the three monsters you’re likely to combat along the way.

  • You never seem to have the time.
  • You seem to run out of breath after the first ten paces.
  • The running shoes just won’t fit (they were bought ten years ago, remember?)

If you have to sit back and think ‘Which is the monster that is really stopping me?’, then you perhaps will end up pointing at the one in the center, the biggest and the ugliest one – lack of stamina.


Food and stamina

Food and Stamina – The Connection:

Our body will now react differently to different foods. For instance, when we consumed sweet treats as kids, we would probably jump around in screaming banshee frenzy. Today, however, if we had to eat a little extra sugar for lunch, chances are we’ll be dozing through that late afternoon meeting.

The keyword here is ‘metabolism’. Metabolism is what controls how the food that you consume will get processed eventually.

Regaining That Stamina:

Shake up that stamina, which has blissfully slipped into hibernation mode.

Well, with this one term, we’re trying to place emphasis on the mental and not the physical. Lack of motivation continues to be our greatest foe. We speak, time and again, about getting onto the treadmill or keeping that new year resolution about jogging every morning, but none of it seems to work, does it? If you do wish to do something in reality, the best option would be to invest in huge calendar and a large notebook as well. If you tend to do something on a daily basis, mark it on the calendar. If you keep a tab, it will make you slightly more accountable.

Walking is said to be one of the best exercises that is there in the world. It will not only let you lose weight, but will also help you increase your metabolism. You could actually decide how you want to walk; whether you want to do it on a treadmill or outside in a park. If you are the kind of person who tends to get bored easily, I’d suggest sticking to walking outside and shuffling between paths. This way the scenery should keep you engrossed and you should keep boredom at bay. Alternate between slow walking and brisk walking; giving 15 minutes to each and this will show you the best results.


A bike is said to give the best cardio workout. Plus, you could actually be cutting down on the pollution, which in turn will help you live in a healthier city. Ensure that your body gets comfortable with your cycling really soon.

Dietary Changes:
It goes without saying that you’d have to keep off the carbohydrates. Keep off the white bread, pasta, rice and potatoes. Leaner meats and veggies should do the trick. The natural sweetness of fruits could also cause you to feel sleepy, provided you snack on some right after lunch.