Top Secrets For Keeping Your Nails Healthy

Top Secrets For Keeping Your Nails Healthy

Healthy and strong nails reflect your inner health. If you have discolored, damaged or dirty nails, it clearly shows that you are not taking proper care of yourself. There are simple ways you could get perfect nails. Since they are exposed to different objects and weather, they tend to gather germs and undergo wear and tear. Such conditions along with poor diet may contribute to brittle, pale and damaged nails. Here are some top secrets for keeping your nails healthy in natural ways. Everyday care may help you in attaining bright shiny and happy nails.

#1 Your nails need protection
Since your hands are always working, your nails are always exposed to all kinds of things that can cause damage. It is imperative to wear rubber gloves whenever you go for gardening or do washing. Washing detergents have harsh chemicals that make nails brittle and dry.

#2 Moisturize it
Moisturizing your nail and cuticle on a regular basis may save them from drying up excessively. Just like your hair needs moisture for healthy growth and shine, you nails need them too. Apply hand lotion or olive oil on your nails and cuticle several times a day and before going to bed.

#3 Vitamins make nails healthy
Vitamin B helps in making nails grow well and prevents them from damage. Include foods rich in B vitamins like wheat germ, whole grains, soy beans and egg yolk. Vitamin C along with zinc prevents nails from getting dry and flaky. Eat citrus fruits and green vegetables to maintain good level of vitamin C in your body.

#4 Keep them short
Though there is a craze for long nails among women, keeping them short is even good. Your nails need to be strong enough for growing them long. Weaker nails generally tend to split when grown, hence regular trimming makes them beautiful.

#5 File in one direction
Always file your nails in one direction. Sawing them in back and forth motion may cause them to split and become flaky. Always use fine filing boards to cause minimum damage to your nails.

#6 Buffing is important
Buff the surface of your nails to enhance their growth. This increases blood circulation that aids growth. A buffer having finer grit works well.

#7 Have a healthy body
When your body is healthy, your nails are healthy too. Eat balance diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Avoid junk foods and carbonated beverages. Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. Exercise aids detoxification which is good for nails too. Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking as they are harmful for your nails.

#8 Keep them dry
Always keep you nails dry as they are prone to damage when wet. Keeping them dry prevents bacterial and fungal growth underneath the nails. Avoid soaking your nails for too long to avoid unnecessary breakage. Remember your nails are stronger when dry.

#9 Select proper grooming tools
Proper tools help in grooming nails in a perfect way increasing their beauty. Invest in a high quality nail clipper. Using a glass file is much better than using traditional ones as they are not only best for your nails but for environment too. Using fine textured emery board for filing saves your nails from any possible damage.

#10 Use Eco-friendly products
Eco friendly products are more near to nature and hence cause less harm to you and your surroundings. Avoid using harsh nail paint removers and nail art that involve chemicals harmful for your nails. Invest in reputed brand while choosing nail paints and nail care products.

#11 Stop going for artificial extension
Avoid artificial nail extension as far as possible. They involve gels and acrylic which tend to damage the nails when removed. Wearing artificial nails for a longer time blocks air and light to your actual nail making them prone to infections. Also these products involve harsh chemicals causing much damage to your original nails.

# 12 Don''t put your nails into work
Using your nails as tools for doing all kind of picking and poking jobs is the worst thing you do. This is one of the main causes of damaged nails and it can also injure your fingers. Instead use appropriate tools for doing such jobs.

#13 Avoid ignoring problems
If you see any problem or infection with your nails that doesn''t go with time, consult a dermatologist and get treated, if required. Ignoring nail problems may lead to severe damage.

#14 Never bite your nails
By doing so you are probably allowing the bacteria and fungi to grow on the cuts caused due to biting nails and pricking cuticles.

Author Bio:
This guest post was contributed by Joecy Parker. She is an Online Manager for Dermatend Products for Moles and Skin Tags. She likes to Blog about Health, Beauty and Skin care.