Weight Loss Articles

Weight Loss Articles

Diet pills can work. The top diet pills are often made up of superior blends of ingredients, amounts, and everything else. But getting the top diet pills for women can provide you with an entirely new challenge. Unfortunately, we find that clinical studies have proven that the ingredients that work in male studies do not always work for women, especially when you get into menopausal and premenopausal age groups. While greater levels of testosterone have been known to increase fat burning and muscle building, we find that unfortunately, changing and raging levels of estrogen can lead to weight gain or serious trouble losing weight. And of course, even a period of regular menstrual cycle can cause these given problems. So the question is, how do you determine which of the top diet pills actually work for women?

You will find that there are top diet pills specifically engineered for women. While the original ingredients do not actually work for women, sometimes the patented forms are far more likely and effective in fighting these given problems. This can be surprising for some, because obviously we would expect the same basic mechanisms of action from both patented and original forms. But it is not as unusual as you think.

Moreover, while there are combinations that don’t work for some, ingredients like green tea have been proven to work successfully in both sexes. And there are stimulant free ingredients such as 7-keto and evodiamine that have simultaneously been proven to burn more fat specifically in women. There are some diet pills that also have ingredients that have been proven to improve and manipulate the hormones found in a woman’s body. And when you get these, you are far more likely to see significantly better results.

Back To The Pond - September 25th, 2009

I am finding it harder as my research goes on into the best anti aging creams to find something that does much more than my Grandmothers Ponds did. Grandma used Ponds cold cream to clean her skin every evening and every morning. Once her skin was cleaned and rinsed she reapplied it as a moisturizer. I have to tell you her skin was beyond compare to any other women’s of her age. When she passed away at eighty nine years old I know she looked younger than most women I know at sixty. She always had beautiful flawless skin. Her skin was always soft and smelled wonderful. On her hands she always used the old style jergens lotion. It too was the best stuff. The smell of that stuff was like a comfort drug to me. On of my most favorite things I remember was bath time when we stayed at grandmas. After our bathe she would bring out her jergens lotion in its floral ceramic pump bottle and she would lotion us up good. You always felt as good as you smelled with that lotion. I wish I could find one of those bottles today. I do not know if it was a promotional item or if it was the bottle that it actually came in. I Just know it said jergens lotion on it and it was very pretty.

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A Waste Of Time - September 23rd, 2009

Some times I think the quest for a new weight loss pill is a huge waste of my time and money. Lately my days have been so busy I just cant seem to get a proper, healthy. low calorie and well balanced meal on the table. We always get caught up in what ever projects need to be accomplished for the day. At the last minute I am throwing any thing and every thing on the table just to fill up our stomachs. Last time I looked pizza, hamburgers, and hot dogs really aren’t on our eating healthy menu. The fried chicken and mashed potatoes sure make us feel good temporarily, until our carbohydrate coma wares off. Then we start feeling guilty about the wreck we have just made of out diet plan. Then we tell ourselves, oh we have already blew it for today so that slab of cake wont hurt. Don’t forget the ice cream. I swear when I fall off my diet wagon I drag my butt on the ground for week some times months before I can climb back on. Then it seem like the wagon master slows down for me to jump on and just before I jump he speeds up again. Ya, Ya, Ya, is is sort of a fun game:), If you are the wagon master.

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Is It OK Yet - September 23rd, 2009

Several years ago I read or saw something on television about lotions and face creams using an ingredients called tetratritholumine in them. The programs said that women who were planning to have children if their future should not use any products with tetratritholumine in them. Apparently the study they had out at that time said they were finding that those women who used products with tetratritholumine in them were giving birth to boys who would not be able to have children. Now I have not herd any more about this study and I am real curious if it is still an accepted study. Is it now a fact or are they still unsure or hopeful it has been disproved. I find it hard to believe that it is still an acceptable study because many many or the skin care products and lotions still do include tetratritholumine. I can not imagine if there was any kind of truth to the study that there would still be products on the shelves containing the problem substance. I was never sure what to believe about the information. I just made sure just in case not to by any products that had that stuff in it. It was hard once the girls got older and beginning to develop a taste for their own products. I hand to constantly police their bathrooms.

How Often Can IT Still Be Called New - September 22nd, 2009

I have been checking out the so called new weight loss pill market. It seems like almost every week there is another product coming out on the market labeling its self as the best and new. I have looked at package after package. more often than not you find the same ingredients in each one. Usually it is some herbal something or other along with one catch phrase type of product. If you watch the commercials for the newest thiing in the market you can bet that every thing you see shortly there after will have that one ingredient that be surrounded by a bunch of other product that do not really matter much. How often do we want to let ourselves made a full. We spend dollar after dollar to have the best and the newest products on the market. If we have been paying close enough attention we would realize we keep throwing good money after bad for the same old products. I think instead of keep purchasing these products we probably would be better off investing that money in a good pharmacy dictionary and some herbal healing books. Once we all know our stuff we can be instrumental in riding the market of the phonies and save our selves a good bit on money.

Can It Be Real - September 22nd, 2009

I have herd of yet another weight loss product that tells us that it is the next new break through in the diet pill market. Hoodia 90. Oh, heart be still can it be true. One of the things that I find amazing is the use of the terms. My favorite term is natural. I love it. Dirt is natural. To there credit if they did use dirt it would be low in calories and depending on what type of dirt it could be high in minerals. But dirt is not the exact ingredient they are calming, Ijust used that for emphases to make a point. They think the term natural is enough to distract you from the real facts. The facts that what they say is in the product is not proven to be in the product. It basis the claims as to what it can do on what they say the main ingredient is. Were in fact the main ingredient does not actually exist in the product. So how can the miracle claims be true? I think the most important thing to remember is the same thing you want to remember about making money. If the claims seems to be too good, be leery, it most likely is a sham.

Pill / Button - September 19th, 2009

I know it is not a weight loss pill. But it can possibly be better than any new weight loss pill. It is that tiny little button on the front of the television. You would be surprised at what turning the television off can do for you. The food commercials that are shown throughout the day can derail a diet faster than a cow on a railroad track. As you sit there engrossed in the television program the commercials drift in. The entice you to eat. Some of them are so realistic you can almost taste it. Studies have proved that if you eat your meals in front of the television you eat more. Therefore if you eat more you consume more calories. Not to mention the consumption of those calories is happening at the same time you are getting absolutely no exercise. (No guys, watching the game does not count as exercise.) I think the worst thing about watching television while eating in or home is the fact that once the television is turned on it does not get turned off until bed time. Once the family starts watching there is absolutely no hope left that the family will get out and go for a walk or do anything else that beans leaving the sofa. PUSH THAT BUTTON OFF!

Is It A Pill Or What? - September 18th, 2009

I am sitting here reading my newest cooking magazine. All of these recipes look wonderfully delicious. This is not one of my Cooking Light or Weight Watchers cooking magazines so I am trying how to take the add I found in the magazine. It is for a weight loss pill or something. I have read all the way through the add and by the time you get to the end it does not tell you is it is a weight loss pill, liquid or even a suppository. First off before I would consider and weight loss produce I want to know how it is administered. I can handle the pill, I can handle the liquid, BUTT I am not bending over for it. The other problem I have with the add, other than all the metrical claims, is the fact that no were in the article does it say what is in this product. It could be acid or tape worm for all I know. There is no way on earth, I do not care how much I weigh, that I am going to put something into my body that I have no clue as to what is in it. How crazy and desperate can some one be to take something that they know nothing about.

What? - September 17th, 2009

Can you possibly tell me what is wrong with this sentence. “The secrete to quickly lose weight while continuing to eat Normally, with out dieting” has just recently been “accidently ” discovered”. I will even go past the term to lose weight quickly. My problems are with the terms continuing to eat normally. Now the term normally could mean many things and it is relevant to who is actually using the term. For my mother who is a dieting fenatic normal means a diet to salads, low fat, low sodium, low sugar and low flavor foods. For my husband that means eating anything put in front of him with no complaints with a snicker bar chaser. For me it meant a good attempt at eating properly – meanning a nutritionally balanced diet- with around the clock slip up. For teen that usually means a bagle, candy bar or doughnut with a mountain dew chaser for breakfast, chips and a snack cake with another mountain dew for lunch and More mountain dew with the pizza or burger they had for lunch. Now I think the term normally that they are using most likely means something close to the last one. Now I ask any one out there, do you honestly think you can eat like that and then take one little pill and it will all go away? Get Real!

No Pollen For Me - September 16th, 2009

Well I was going to go the the heath food co opp store to research and possible pick up some Bee Pollen. I had read that Bee Pollen was a good weight loss supplement. The first day I tried and they were closed. Yesterday I was going to try again. I was waiting for my husband to get home from work before I went. Well instead of my husband showing up my daughter showed up with a stomach ache. She is seven months pregnant and by the location of the stomach ache I thought it would be a good idea to go to the hospital and have it checked out. No baby yet. We ended up at the hospital for seventeen hours and I am now too tired to even try to go out for it let alone to research it. In the past I found if there was something I wanted to do and things kept getting in the way of me doing it, it usually ended up being a bad idea. So now I am back to debating weather I should even bother. I figure that maybe since I have been worried all along that it would not be good for my allergies. Maybe not being able to get out and get it is a sign.

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