weight loss management

weight loss management
weight loss management

Bridal weight loss and weight management?

You would think having my dress in teh closet would keep me on track but no, I”ve gained weight since I bought it. and it fit so perfectly I did not need alterations. Well 235 days to go!
What are your weight loss and managements tips and plans for your wedding?


1) Measure your food…..all prepackaged food tells you what a serving is, and all calorie charts do the same….if it says a serving is 1/2 cup (level, not heaping) then That is what it is.

2) keep a food diary–write down every thing you eat and how much & when…reviewing it you can determine how you are sabotaging yourself.

3) Brisk walking…the overall health benefits are great…do 20 minutes every day for 6 days a week at a good clip (strolling doesn;t count) it’ll retard the munchy urge, aid digestion & overall circulaton,you will tone from it…and you’ll sleep better

4) Sleep at least 7-8 hours every night…research tells us that lack of enough sleep can result in weight gain!

5) drink a big glass of water just before your meal and eat slowly so your stomach can register that you are full when you are really full…the mouth can chew & swallow faster than the stomach can say ‘Full’ which is why people tend to over eat then end up very, very uncomfortable.

6) Up your fiber….go easy at first…fiber will fill you faster than over-processed foods and your colon will love you for it…for example switch from white rice to brown…leave the skins on potatoes…even the mashed ones. Lotsa dark leafy green veggies and steam ‘em-saves the nutrients and doesn’t add calories…retains the yummy taste, too. Avoid over-processed and empty calorie foods too.

7) An apple a day may not keep the Dr. away but it’s a healthy snack and will curb the ol afternoon snack-attack!

Stay away from diet soda…empty calories and evidence is in that the artifical sugar causes an abnormal sweet craving which can sabotage the dieting….
Good luck.

Good luck.

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