10 Tips for Men to Stay Fit

10 Tips for Men to Stay Fit
Improve your speed, develop agility, and create muscle through these tips.
1. Alter your Warm-up

Men fitness tips

John Whitesides, the strength and conditioning coach of the NHL’s Boston Bruins, has gone on record saying that if an individual hits the gymnasium twice in a week, he will have to be stretching for four times in a week. He has also said that an individual with tight hips will find it difficult to mix up laterally and pivot. The problem has an easy solution: Use a foam roller over your hips, legs and gluteal muscles before you begin to train. You may do this for some minutes. This will also help break down the scar tissue present in the muscles. It will leave you fresh and prepared to train.

2. Get Moving

As far as possible, lift weights while standing. It is important for an athlete to imitate the environment in which he will perform. This theory has been propounded by Jeff Cavaliere, who is a trainer to the New York Mets third baseman David Wright. He is also the founder of the AthLEAN-X system of training. Dumbbell presses performed overhead and in a sitting posture seem to have no advantage. He has added that this technique allows you to move in an isolated manner, which is very different from your movements in real life.

3. Do the tough First

Bryan Doo has categorically stated it is important to do the most cumbersome exercises at the beginning. Bryan is the conditioning and strength coach of the Boston Celtics. Attack the major muscles and then the minor ones. This would mean that prioritizing dead lifts, squats and cleans before curls and extensions.


Fitness tips for men

4. Intake more Water

Steve Watterson continually tells his athletes to consume nearly 64 ounces of fluid per day. He is the strength coach for the Tennessee Titans. In addition to these 64 ounces, athletes need to replenish the fluids that they lose in workouts. To ensure that this happens, the Titans weigh in their players both before and after training. Men should consume eight glasses of fluids each day. Keep a track of teas and fruit juices. Do not consume anything that has added sugar, either pre- or post-workout.

5. Train while Playing

Train while Playing

Give importance to those exercises that help you to glide through space with a sense of purpose. Try performing a cable crossover with one handle held high and the other held low. Perform this routine with one arm, and then with the other. While moving, rotate your torso with your arm. Cavaliere states that this enables the body to move in directions that it follows on instinct. However, this is done with more precision and power.

6. Do not Think About Numbers

Whitesides has been very skeptical about numbers. He doesn’t seem interested in translating bench-pressing of 400 pounds into becoming a better player at the intramural basketball league. He says one should focus on weight lifting that utilizes good form throughout the set. He further states that if an individual cannot perform three sets of 20 reps pushups, then he is not ready to perform bench press.

7. Indulge in Eccentricity

Pay more attention to the eccentric or (lowering) of the lift. This would help to emphasize the concentric or lifting phase. Doo has maintained that guys wish to run fast. He gives the hilarious example of the Porsche engine with Hyundai brakes. To ensure a better job at starting and stopping, take four or five seconds before you perform stepups. This helps you to lower your leg to the ground while performing each rep. If moving slowly is your difficulty, try holding a medicine ball before your chest to balance your weight. Performing it for just once a week will have humungous health benefits.

8. Kick Some Serious Ass with your Friend

Cavaliere and Wright often train together. They compete with one another to determine who can perform more reps in a given set. The last few reps account for nearly 90% of the results.

9. Keep the Spotlight on Balance

Always remember that one side of your body is stronger than the other side. This can enable your muscle groups to work more hard in an attempt to gain balance. This can lead to injuries and weakness. Cavaliere has suggested that unilateral training will enable you to master imbalances. One-legged squats or dumbbell presses will help you to achieve that much required balance.

10. Climb your Way to The Top

Get into the groove of hardcore training slowly but steadily. Every time you go to the gym, spend more time on training, and if possible, lift some more weights. Watterson will swear by his statement that this is the true secret to overall fitness and athleticism.