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Ten effective tips towards weight loss

Spending too much time in front of mirror looking at yourself from different sides will make you even more depressed. If you think you are overweight, its time to act. Here are a few tips on how to reduce your weight.

• Make sure you really need to lose weight. Most of the times, it is just in the head of normal weighing people too. Consult your physician regarding this.

• Do not stop taking full meals. Just reduce the intake.

• Drink plenty of liquids. These will help you keep hunger at bay while keeping you energetic.

• Most people skip breakfasts. Don’t do that. It will further enhance your craving for food.

• Do not go to bed soon after having dinner. If possible, go for a stroll.

• Stop the habit of eating while watching TV. You never know how much you are eating in front of the

• If you feel like eating desserts or something similar, eat fruits that give similar taste.

• Similarly use honey in place of sugar and carob in place of chocolates.

• Make good use of green vegetables.

• Finally, make it a habit to have a brisk walk in the morning before breakfast.

These steps will not help if not followed faithfully. Once you make it your habit, you will realize the benefits.

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