Affordable health insurance rates - Part 34

Affordable health insurance rates - Part 34

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According to the article “Small Firms May Claim Health Tax Credit for Dental, Vision” by Martin Vaughn found on, small businesses will be able to get a new federal healthcare credit for dental and vision benefits.  This is something to understand before you shop for vision insurance quotes.

The Treasury recently gave detailed advice explaining what expenses are eligible and how smaller businesses can calculate what kind of tax credit they can expect to receive.  The credit plans to offset employer healthcare rates paid on and after January 1, 2010 under the new health care reform bill recently signed into law.  Ther

Blue Cross of Florida Swings for Fences

Just when you thought you were happy or comfortable with your Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida health insurance plan, here comes the bad news.  There is a large increase coming for everyone regardless of when you signed up.  Here is a list of the effected populations:

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If you are a Blue Cross of Florida policy holder, now is  a good time to fill out the quote form above and start shopping health insurance plans!

Here is the agency email received by agents to give us a heads up of the coming news so we can break it to you our trustful clients.

The purpose of this bulletin is to provide you with information on the upcoming rate increase for all Individual Under 65 BlueChoice®, BlueSelect®, Florida Farm Bureau and most BlueOptions® products. (This excl

Car Accident Personal Injury Claim – 3 Things To Avoid Saying To The Insurance Company

Do you have filing a car accident personal injury claim on your brain? In this article we are going to speak about 3 things to avoid saying to the insurance company.

You might be feeling terrible about what occurred when you go through a car accident. Just because it wasn’t your responsibility doesn’t mean that you won’t feel responsible and make you want to make things feel better. There are things that you can not fix sometimes. Sometimes you are the one that deserves to file the car accident personal injury claim. Now we are going to converse about 3 things to avoid saying to the insurance company.

Just because you feel terrible is no reason to say that you were at liability in the accident. The ins

Getting the Facts on the Affordable Care Act & Medicare

During the consideration of health insurance reform, the debate was intense and often filled with frightening—and wrong—information. Opponents spread misinformation and even told outright lies about reform and seniors—from ‘death panels‘ to claiming reform would ’slash’ Medicare. The truth is Medicare—which has provided health care for Americans age 65 and older for the last 45 years—will be strengthened under the Affordable Care Act. The new law brings better benefits and lower costs, and will preserve Medicare’s solvency for years to come. In fact, seniors will even be seeing immediate benefits this year:

BEGINS TO CLOSE THE MEDICARE PART D DONUT HOLE Provides a $250 rebate to those Medicare beneficiaries who hit the donut hole in 2010. Beginning in Januar

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