Ashtanga Yoga Mat Review

Ashtanga Yoga Mat Review

I may actually buy another one as it doesn’t cover enough area for a full workout but I knew that when I bought it. Being a hard core yoga student, (I practice for an hour every day) I’ve had a number of yoga mats over the years but never one as good as this. My first impression is horrible, but clean it and practice yoga regularly. I solve this by wearing yogi toes or yogi paws. The Manduka Yoga Mat is the Mercedes Benz of yoga mats. I was leery of spending this much on a yoga mat but the first time I used it I realized all yoga mats are not created equal. I even like that it’s heavy, it helps tone my arms! I bought the black mat due to great Amazon Customer reviews.

In the past I have purchased the cheaper $15 – $20 mats and there is a definite difference. This mat stays in place on the floor and does not bunch up.

It is so comfortable to use and I do not find it that heavy to tote around. I have a pretty good case of arthritis and this Manduka has made all of the difference in my practice. I didn’t like it very much; it slid around more (both on hard wood floors and carpet). I decided to get another Manduka and I’m thrilled to have one again. I would recommend it in a second for any serious or professional yogi. It’s a great mat, solid, stable, but didn’t fit my needs.

It survived doing yoga on damp cement floors for a year in India…on dirt…jute, cleans up easily too. If I don’t lose this one, it might be the last yoga mat I ever have to buy. If you want the most badass mat around, it’s the Manduka Pro, hands downward dog. I would say the only reason not to buy this mat is if you are looking for a travel mat – this one is HEAVY.

I am looking forward to years of yoga. This size is the best, less weight, thick enough for the POWER 90 and P90X training.

With the Manduka, there was an immediate difference. It never bunches up and gets stickier with use. The mat is thicker, heavier and responsive to the body. Your feet feel both cradled and supported, while at the same time being firm enough to balance upon. For my students who have trouble with their knees in some of the poses requiring the body weight to rest on a knee, I recommend temporarily folding over one end of the mat to get double cushion under the knee while still leaving one layer under the rest of the body. This saves you having to haul more than one mat out each time you practice which can be discouraging especially to the beginner.

It will last forever and is well worth the money! It’s ideal for Ashtangis.

My husband and I both do the P90X workouts and I have to say for all of you out there, this is the BEST mat we’ve found. Marble Topped Coffee Table.