Eat Less Crap!

Eat Less Crap!

I told my wife I wanted to start a blog and call it “Eat Less Crap.” She said a nicer title would be “Eat More Real Food.” Well, that just doesn’t have the same ring.

Last week a client asked me what I thought was the most important thing that could be done to improve health. My response: “Eat more real food.” In my head I was thinking “Eat Less Crap”, but then my wife’s voice popped in my head and said ”be nice.” Anyway, the point is that I think most of us could dramatically improve our health by eating less crap, or by eating more real food.

This brings us to my reason for starting this blog. First, I want to help people figure out what foods are real. That’s actually a lot harder now days than it should be. I also want to give anyone who reads this blog, ideas for how to incorporate more real food in to their diets.

What is real food? The long answer to this question is something I will expound on via this blog over time. The short answer I can give you today. Real foods are foods that have not been tampered with too much by man. In other words, we want to eat more foods that have not been processed or refined by us.

People always ask me about reading food labels. Your best bet is to look at the list of ingredients. You want to get the food with the least amount of ingredients. For example, if I go to the deli and get them to slice some meat for me, the only ingredient is meat (there are exceptions to this). On the flip side, if I go by a pack of Oscar Meyer bologna, it will have a long list of ingredients that most of us can’t even pronounce.

Along the same lines, look at the list of ingredients on a loaf of bread. You will see, for lack of a better expression, a bunch of crap. It is this “crap” that is making us unhealthy and overweight. Get rid of the crap and you will get better. You will get healthier and if your goal is weight loss, you will lose weight.

One more idea before we wrap it up. I want to mention the food guide pyramid. The largest part of it is the bread/grain section on the bottom. The theory is that these grains are the basis of a healthy diet and we should all build our diets around these foods. I hope to use this blog to show that this premise is wrong. That’s right, our government got this one wrong. I know, hard to imagine.

Guess which food group on the food pyramid contains the majority of our processed foods? If you guessed the bread/grain group, you win a million florets of broccoli. Actually, you don’t win anything, except maybe a gateway to better health. My point is that the food guide pyramid is all backwards, and if you want to get more unhealthy and fatter, eat just like our government tells us.

I hope to show you over time that the key to health is to choose more real unprocessed foods. Do you know which groups most of these foods fall in? The protein, vegetable, fruit, and fat groups! Are their exceptions to this? Of course, aren’t there always. And yes, I said fat! That is another idea I will eventually expound on: fat does not make us fat. What does make us fat? Processed foods and probably insulin, but that’s for another day. For now try to start focusing on eating more real foods, and I will try my best to help with this along the way.

I hope this post gives you an idea where I am coming from, and I hope this blog will eventually share some useful information and help everyone to enjoy better health.

Happy Monday!

Corrected Food Pyramid.
Corrected Food Pyramid!