Energy Therapies for Healing

Energy Therapies for Healing

Most Alternative therapies hold that human beings are not only physical, but consist of a “subtle energy” system that relates to the mental, emotional, and spiritual self, all of which may be addressed in diagnosis and treatment. Though not yet scientifically proven, the concept of a sort of invisible “subtle body” appears to have some support in the latest theories in modern subatomic physics.

The idea that we have a “subtle energy body” or “aura” is not new. It has been traditionally recognized by Eastern medicine and most religions for centuries, and some psychics claim they can see it. According to these traditions it consists of a series of energy fields around the body, moving out from the “etheric” or electromagnetic field through the emotional and mental bodies, to the spiritual.

What religion is energy healing therapy based on?

Energy healing therapy can be based in many different religions. How the energy healing therapy is approached, what the purpose is, and the effect it has on the patient’s mind and body will all play a part in which religion a particular energy healing therapy is based. While they are all spiritually based, the religion they represent will vary.

Energy flows within the body through channels called “meridians,” and seven main energy centers aligned down the spine. These energy centers or chakras (a Sanskrit word for “wheel”) absorb and emit life force. Each chakra governs an area of the body together with specific emotional issues. Thus the “root” or “base chakra” connects with the adrenal glands, the hips, and one’s security in the world, and the “brow chakra” to the pineal gland, intuition, and will.

Good health depends on the free flow of energy, and ill-health is caused by energy blockages or imbalances resulting from physical causes such as bad nutrition, drugs, or injury, and/or mental and emotional causes such as shock, grief, or negative thinking.

Energy-oriented therapies include acupuncture, uiodynamic massage, color and light therapy, craniosacral therapy, crystal healing, homeopathy, kinesiology, polarity therapy, chi kung, shiatsu, sound therapy, spiritual/psychic healing, and zero balancing.