Home Remedy for Allergies (Food)

Home Remedy for Allergies (Food)

Allergic reactions are the immune system system’s response to perceived intruders in the body such as mildew, dust, or specified food. A food allergy is definitely an allergic reaction to certain food including milk, shellfish, almonds, chocolate, or soy products, or food additives, like preservatives and colourways. An allergic reaction do range anywhere from mild to help severe and include pores and skin rash, headache, cities, stuffy or gooey nose, gastrointestinal disappointed, or shortness of breath. Others develop life-threatening allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis in which there is a challenging breathing, rapid irritation of the throat as well as tongue, and a unexpected drop in blood pressure level, also the person can become unconscious. To deal efficiently with food allergies a person need to eliminate the offending food, yet may find natural remedies useful in reducing the severity of signs when the food is unintentionally consumed.

Home Remedies

  • First try to identify the source. Second, once the sources are discovered, they should be avoided. Third, and most important, general health and resistance should be built up to establish immunity to them.
  • Use of five drops of castor oil in a little juice or water taken on an empty stomach in the morning , is highly beneficial for allergies in the intestestinal tract, skin and nasal passages.
  • Take equal quantity of cumin seeds, fennel seeds and white sesame seeds (25 gram each) and dry-roast each seeds separately. Mix the roasted seeds and 1/2 teaspoon rock salt. Store in a glass jar. Chew a handful of this mixture after eating any food which will aid digestion and help to prevent any kind of food allergy.
  • Make licorice tea made from 1/2 teaspoon licorice root powder and 1 teaspoon ghee. Add 1/2 teaspoon honey only after the tea starts to cool and drink this tea. (Note: People with high blood pressure should not drink licorice tea)


  • Keep to organic, untreated, unprocessed foods as far as possible so to eliminate pesticides and various sprays.
  • Take diet rich in vitamin B and E as it possesses effective anti-allergic properties. Eat one or two banana daily. If you are not sensitive to banana.
  • Drink 6-8 glasses of pure water daily.
  • If the allergen is airborne, clean living and working spaces frequently.
  • Wear a face mask when doing chores.
  • Get rid of dust, molds, and mildew.
  • Manage stress. Try deep breathing and relaxation exercise.
  • Do yogic asanas like yogamudra, ardhmatsyendrasana, sarvangasana, shavasana and anuloma-viloma, pranayama are also beneficial.


  • Avoid allergen triggering food which may include eggs, strawberries, berries, peanuts, nuts, chocolates, cheese, tomatoes, soy products, shellfish and many more.
  • Avoid tea, coffee, alcohol, cola drinks, and chocolates.
  • Stop smoking, if you smoke. Smoking exacerbates allergic reactions.
  • Avoid foods containing any food additives, such as preservatives and colorings.

See Doctor
See doctor immediately if:

  • Develop breathing difficulties, swelling of lips and tongue, and a rash within a few minutes of eating a suspect food.