Is there really a difference between premium and cheap pet food?

Is there really a difference between premium and cheap pet food?

Most people naturally assume that natural dog foods are best. They assume that this type of dog food is free from toxic chemicals or other products that would harm your dog. But, in most cases, they couldn’t be more wrong. Even some of the most widely sold brand name dog foods are full of chemicals that are known to harm your pets, bringing them closer to their death years before their time.

Unfortunately, the standards that all of us expect for human foods does not pertain to pet foods. We expect recommended dog food to be produced hygienically and to be safe, and we also expect to be able to believe what is written on the labels. When a dog food says that it provides 100% of a dog’s necessary nutrition, we want to believe that it is so.

But even natural dog foods contain chemicals and additives that are not only not necessary to a dog’s diet, but can in fact kill your beloved pet. It is difficult to hear this information, especially after you have fed your pet what you believed to be the best food for years and years. But, studies show that although our longevity has grown over the years, the same can not be said of our pets and that is in part because of what we continue to feed them.

If you want to know what is really going on in the dog food industry, and that certainly includes virtually all brands of natural dog foods, then you should read “Dog Food Secrets”. This book will tell you some of the secrets that are going on behind the scenes of the pet industry as well as tell you how and why you should make your own dog food to protect your dog’s health and prolong his or her life.

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By: Joey Hanna

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