Jenasol ReviewJenasol isn’t a brand name

Jenasol ReviewJenasol isn’t a brand name

Jenasol Review

Jenasol isn’t a brand name for a product per say, it’s an actual company out of Lindon, Utah who has been formulating and selling quality male enhancement and health products since 1964.

There is an entire line dedicated solely to male enhancement, and one of their quality products is Buck.

We picked Buck out of the bunch because it’s inexpensively priced, and caters to you and your lady fair so you can cut back on cost, and improve your overall sex life together in one shot!

Buck contains a number of quality ingredients for complete health and nutrition, and two that really stand out for stamina, energy and sexual drive. They are:

L-Arginine–improves blood flow to the muscles and extremities by improving vasodilation—or the widening of blood vessels so more blood can get through. This gives strength to the limbs, muscles and joints and causes greater blood flow to the penile tissues. This allows for better erection power for him and greater sensitivity in the vulva and vagina for her.
Deer Antler–is fast becoming known as a “fountain of youth” for men and women both. Used in Chinese medicine for centuries, Deer Antler improves energy, drive, endurance, stamina and sexual performance. Plus it aids in faster muscle recovery, essential if you work out hard in the gym.

Is Buck Worth the Purchase?

Buck contains some excellent ingredients, but the dosages are pretty low. For that reason, we’re a little leery of Buck especially considering the money-back guarantee only covers 30 days. Jenasol is quick to point out that herbal supplements are not a “quick fix” and we agree. So a 60-90 day guarantee would have been better.

The price of Buck—and other Jenasol supplements are pretty low, however. Buck is on sale right now for only $15.96 for the 30-count bottle, and $47.96 for the 120-count bottle.

Plus you can receive lower pricing for each if you order in bulk.

Shipping is free for orders over $75.

Bottom line, Buck is “value for money”, but we don’t know if the results will be substantial enough to really merit an order.

Buck Consumer Satisfaction

Jenasol rates Buck as a 4/5 on a consumer satisfaction scale, but fails to divulge any consumer testimonials.

We’d like to see real consumer comments from people who’ve used Buck.

At least you do have a 30-day money-back guarantee to fall back on if Buck fails to deliver for you.

Our Opinion of Buck

We love the Jenasol product line, special deals and that they offer a refund. We don’t like the small ingredient dosages and lack of consumer testimonials.

You’ve heard the old adage, “You get what you pay for.” We believe that probably applies with Jenasol products. The quality may be a step up from drug store offerings, but nothing like what we here at are used to standing behind.

We recommend shopping from our top-rated natural male enhancement pill selection instead. And for great articles that educate you on how to deal with erectile dysfunction, and on the benefits of natural male enhancement supplements, stay here on!

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