Welcome ot Kochi Health Mission

Welcome ot Kochi Health Mission

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The President shall provide the needed leadership for the mission and all its activities and be the beacon that lights the path to be followed in achieving its aims. He shall preside over all meetings of the association and the managing committee and ensure that all decisions taken at these meetings are implemented.

Shall help the president in all his duties and provide support in the discharge of duties enumerated herein. In the absence of the President one of the vice presidents nominated by the president shall discharge the duties of the President acting on his behalf.

The responsibilities of the General Secretary shall include the maintenance of all records, drawing up of minutes, preparation of reports, office upkeep, correspondence, possession of all movable and immovable belongings of the mission (other than funds), be answerable to the members in meetings, Issue of notices for meetings after taking approval of the president, and all other responsibilities not specifically dealt or allotted to others herein.

He is to Work in close liaison with the Secretary to discharge all obligations in consultations with the secretary, and to carry out the secretary''s responsibilities when the secretary himself is

absent or is not available. He shall also carry out any specific work as assigned by the managing committee from time to time.

Keep the accounts of income & expenditure of the mission, be the custodian of the funds of the mission, Present the accounts and needed clarifications to the auditor for due audit of the accounts, present and obtain approvals for audited account statements and next year''s budget at the general body meeting etc. vi) Committee members.

Work in close cooperation with the executive and other members of the committee and the mission to achieve its aims. Provide helpful and progressive participation in all activities of the mission. Take lead in work of sub committees as decided by the managing committee.

Examine and check the keeping of accounts of the mission, identify errors as also misuse of funds if any, and render a draft report to the committee seeking clarifications. Based on the comments of the committee to the findings in the draft report,

provide a final report to the managing committee for presentation and approval at the general body meeting.

Any member may resign from the mission or from his elected position in the governing body by submitting his resignation to the president. In the case of the president, resignation may be

forwarded to one of the Vice presidents. Decision on all resignations shall be taken by the managing committee. Subscriptions paid will not be refunded.

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