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kris1911 - Carrot Nutrition Facts

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Carrot juice is one of the world’s oldest and most popular health drinks all over the world. But in today’s world of packaged goods, this natural juice is losing out to products that are high on marketing and substantially lower on talent. The benefits of this natural drink are manifold, but very few people are aware of it. Carrots themselves are high in nutritional value, but they are more beneficial in juice form. Some of the carrot juice benefits are as follows:

Carrots help in improving eyesight, especially night vision. This is possible due to the presence of a substance called beta-carotene which is a pigment present in most orange-colored vegetables and fruits. When the body takes in beta-carotene, it is converted to vitamin A which helps to maintain eyesight.

Carrots are abundant in vitamin A, a multifaceted vitamin that is stored in the vegetable in the form of beta-carotene.  The advantages of vitamin A are enormous, ranging from increasing immunity to aiding in the reproductive process of human males as well as females. It also helps prevent stones in the urinary system.

Having carrot juice instead of a whole carrot removes the fiber, or roughage. In most cases, this would be a bad thing as roughage helps to digest the food. But the disadvantage of missing out on roughage is more than compensated for by the benefits of carrot juice. The indigestible roughage contains a large portion of the carrot’s nutrients. As the body is unable to digest it, they are excreted. In juice form, however, the nutrients are available much more readily. In a whole carrot, only a miniscule percentage (about 1%) of the total beta-carotene is available for ingestion. In juice form, this percentage goes up to nearly 100%. As a result, more of the beta-carotene’s, and subsequently, vitamin A’s benefits are available.

Carrot juice is very rich in anti-oxidants. This again stems from the vitamin A which the body synthesizes from the beta-carotene. Anti-oxidants are extremely essential to protect the body from oxidative stress. This helps to protect the body against a number of diseases like atherosclerosis and also prevents cataracts. The antioxidant properties of carrots also prevent against             skin damage and diseases like psoriasis and acne. Psoriasis is a disease characterized by scaly patches, generally red and itchy.

Carrots are known to have anti-carcinogenic properties, meaning that they can prevent cancer. Some people also claim that carrots have properties which help it to cure cancer. If that is true, then it could be the miracle drug that people all over the world have been waiting for. However, it has not been proven yet.

The antioxidant property of carrots also means that it can prevent premature aging. However, having a lot of carrot juice will not make you immortal.

Carrot juice is also very rich in minerals and provides all round nutrition. It is doubly important for growing children. They hardly get proper nutrition nowadays due to hectic school schedules, so a glass of carrot juice is a good alternative to all the packaged health drinks that are available aplenty.

It is a good and healthy alternative to soft drinks and other aerated drinks as it doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners or preservatives which can be harmful to the body.

The vitamin A content in carrot juice means that it is also beneficial for teeth and bones. The benefits of calcium in maintaining the bones are well known, but vitamin A also does a commendable job.

Vitamin A also helps to replace old tissues, or ones that have been worn out. This helps to ensure that the gums are strong and the teeth remain healthy.

The vitamin A present in carrots are absolutely vital to the body’s immune system as it helps to make the various entry points in the body less susceptible. These entry points include the respiratory tracts, lining surrounding the eyes and the mucous tissues. Vitamin A is also required by the white blood cells, also known as lymphocytes. These are the body’s foremost defenders against infection

Carrot juice, as we have seen, is full of nutritional value and should be an important part of any health conscious person. It is not the tastiest of healthy natural drinks, but that can be easily remedied with a dash of lime juice and some beetroot juice. The manifold benefits of this vegetable can be seen soon enough. Adults and children alike should embrace this wonder juice.

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Carrots are a very rich source of vitamin A, which is synthesized by the body when it is provided with beta-carotene, a pigment. This pigment is present in abundance in carrots and lends it nearly all of its health benefits. It is widely consumed all over the world and is considered a ‘powerfood’. Its power claims might be debatable, but its benefits are indubitable. Some of the most important benefits of carrots are as follows:

Improving eyesight: There is a long-held belief that carrots are very good for eyesight. Unlike most other similar beliefs, this one is actually quite accurate. The beta carotene present in the carrots is converted into vitamin A which helps to improve eyesight. This conversion takes place in the liver. The vitamin A is then converted into a purple pigment known as rhodopsin. This is essential to facilitate night vision. Beta carotene has also been shown to prevent cataracts and degeneration of the macula. The latter generally affects elderly people. A study showed that people who regularly consumed carrots were at a much lower risk of suffering from macular degeneration compared to those who don’t.

Cancer prevention: Scientists have recently found by conducting studies that carrots contain certain substances which are responsible for the anti-carcinogenic properties that have long been rumored. These substances are falcarinol, a natural pesticide which carrots produce to prevent itself from fungal diseases in its roots, and falcarindiol. It is said to reduce chances of cancer in breasts, lungs and the colon. Studies are currently being conducted on mice with very promising results. It has shown that mice treated to carrots had cancer risks lowered by 1/3rd.

Better, glowing skin: In addition to vitamin A, carrots are also rich in antioxidants. This prevents the skin from being damaged by the sun. The vitamin A in the carrots prevents such skin problems as pigmentation, acne and early wrinkling. It also helps prevent dry skin. Deficiency of vitamin A can cause dry nails, hair and skin. Carrots are also often used in face masks and scrubs. Honey mixed with grated carrot is a very simple, yet effective way of having clear, glowing skin. A number of other, more complicated methods are also available.

Prevention of heart diseases: Carrots are high in a type of substance known as carotenoids. Other than beta-carotene, carrots are also known to contain lutein and alpha-carotene. Carotenoids such as those present in carrots have been linked to lower risk of heart diseases in humans. Carrots also help to reduce cholesterol levels, something that is instrumental in maintaining a healthy heart. This happens due to the soluble fibers present in carrots binding to the acids present in bile.

Keeps gums and teeth strong: The crunch that one gets when biting into a fresh carrot is also helpful to the body. It cleans off plaque and other unwanted substances from the teeth, much like a toothbrush. They also stimulate the gums which produces a lot of saliva to counter the bacteria which form cavities. Carrots also contain certain minerals which prevent tooth decay.

Cleansing agent: The vitamin A that is present in abundance in carrots assist the liver in cleaning the body. It helps to get rid of all the harmful toxins that accumulate in the body. The fibers present in carrots aid in digestion and quicken the excretion process. Vitamin A removes fat from the liver as well.

Antiseptic properties: Carrots in grated or mashed form are often applied to cuts or bruises. They are said to have healing properties. Herbalists say that they prevent infection.

Anti-ageing properties: The beta-carotene present in carrots acts as an antioxidant which delays the rate of cell decay. This, in turn, slows down the process of aging. However, carrots are not some miracle drug which if taken in large amounts will make a person immortal. Large amounts of carrot intake will only make a person orange, thanks to the high levels of the beta-carotene pigment.

Carrots, as we have seen, are beneficial in a number of ways. They can be used to clean the body of toxic materials and can be used as a beauty product as well. For simple cuts and bruises, they are helpful as well. But the bigger benefits exist when carrots are made part of a diet plan along with other healthy foods. Recent studies indicate that carrots can greatly reduce chances of a stroke. Carrots can be included in a diet with other foods such as celery and white and red onions for a healthy diet plan.

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